A reminder of how much dangerous gambling can become

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I think we are ok now. Right at this line, this is where, you know… Rule of thirds and the likes. Of course now I speak in Greek, so below, here… no, here. there should be subtitles. This happened today. As I was doing our groceries, I had a chat with a friend who told me of a friend of his who’s been playing poker who playED poker, although I think he’s still playing he is very well known here in Greece, who has won a lot of money.

My friend told me he has won more than a million euros. He HAD won more than a million euros. I didn’t look it up, he has indeed won big in poker tournaments.

So, that guy is in a very bad financial situation he’s effectively bankrupt given he has spent all his money on alcohol, drugs and women in short. We’re talking of a heap of money here. My friend heard he needed at least 10K euros per week to sustain his way of living. This led him to borrowing money and accumulate lots of debt. And it’s really pity that he’s ended up like this.

I won’t mention who’s he, some of you may know him already. Besides, it’s not the point and I haven’t confirmed the story. It’s just that… Having shared that story though, I’d like to say a few things about gambling, about… GUYS! Be careful, BE VERY CAREFUL! Alright?

I’ve seen people literally next to me with empty pockets especially during the time I was… hold on. So, I’ve really seen people beside me with empty wallets to look for money left and right to gamble with. This occurred back when I was playing blackjack at casinos.

Since I locked myself up indoors and became advantage gambler on other games I haven’t experienced those events from up close. Yet, that reminded me of how dangerous games of chance can become and generally the gambling industry as a whole. So, for that reason, guys, watch it, ok? It’s not all roses, it’s not like, hey guys, look at me, I’m raking millions, look there, that guy is making millions. Look! Money everywhere!

Gambling operators advertising gamblers having won thousands. Well, those are just random winners, random results. Someone will eventually win of course, but in the long run operators will come out ahead. There are beatable games, as long as we are VERY disciplined, VERY patient and obviously have a winning strategy. Therefore, watch yourself because if we lack any of those, we will lose, and we will lose a lot of money.

We always wager with money that is not needed money we won’t miss in case we lose. Thank you for listening to me, this whole thing happened this morning. That’s all.

May I now go back to my business?

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