Game Theory: Candy Crush, Designed to ADDICT

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My most recent discovery has been dungeon gems, a game that has you fighting through waves of enemies in a rock paper, siccors style game, with a team of elementally charged heroes that you find train and evolve kind of like Pokemon. Actually, as you quest, you find different, stronger heroes to add to your collection and fill out your roster again .., just like pokemon and battles have you matching tiles to summon stronger and stronger attacks, just like pokemon? Well, I guess the games are slightly different, but here’s the crazy thing I can’t stop and it’s just matching tiles seriously. As dark souls II and Assasin’s creed IV sit on my shelf, just gathering dust waiting to be played, I’m turning more and more to swiping. At tiles, in an effort to take down a hoard of water orgs with my wood elf, which begs the questions of why?

Why are people everywhere, forgoing epic quests, like skyrim, to crush some candy? Why is Mario moldering on the sidelines while I’m running temples clashing clans and conquering totally earlier? I used the metaphor of a gateway drug, but it’s true. These games are litterally adictive and the developers know it they’re programming them in a way that hacks, your brain, taking advantage of psychological quirks, you probably aren’t aware, exist and yet have huge consequences on how you behave and what you play. So it’s high time you learn the secret mobile developers already know and are exploiting inside that head of yours To understand that we need the straight dope on the Dopamine Pathway.

The Dopamine Pathway is one that always seems to come up in one of those pesky high school biology classes somewhere between frog dissections and that dam Krebs cycle, aplha keto, gluca … Whatever I hate that dam thing Anyway, Dopamine is a specialised little molecule. That is basically your body’s happy hormone if you happen to feel a sudden burst of happiness after beating a major boss, a wave of excitement after discovering a secret area or even a little wide-eyed wonder at the new jiggle physics 2.0. All that is basically caused by your brain being tickled by thousands of tiny molecules of dopamine. Scientifically speaking, dopamine is known as a Neurotransmitter, which means it travels between neurons in your brain, when you finally beat that speeder bike level in battle toads, your brain jumps up to celebrate your victory and neurons get flooded with ions, creating a tiny electric current when that Electrical potential hits the end of your neuron, the ions pour in, and the dopamine gets shot out into the gap between your brain cells like a million little angry birds except they’re, happy because it’s dopamine, so they get launched across the synapse. But luckily they land in the loving arms of your brains, dopamine receptors, which just so happen to be conveniently located on the end of the brain cell next door, like a good neighbor, dopaminergic receptors are there so the dopamine bumps up against the new neuron and as A result you get a shot of happiness, excitement or satisfaction.

It’S your brain, giving you the equivalent of a big ol, pat on the back for being successful at life. So, if dopamine makes us feel happy, why do we sometimes get bored with our favorite games? Well, one reason we lose that love and feeling about the games we play is desensitization, it’s actually the dopamine signaling turning itself off in any kind of addiction, whether it’s drugs, alcohol or my addiction of choice, diet, coke, the addict ends up having more and more as Time goes by the first few times you perform the addictive behavior like drinking diet, coke. You feel awesome so crisp and cold and clean, and has that nice burn in the back, your throne, it’s sweet and acidic all at the same time, so good. So, instead of waiting a week to have another Diet, Coke, you remember how great it was and get one the next day.

You order a large and you order it without ice, because you know that their managers told them to feel that come up with as much ice as possible, so they save money on the soda syrup. You cheapskate windies man. You have so much ice in your cups.

Anyway, your brain still releases a bunch of dopamine the first few times you do that, but over time it starts to go hey there. Matpat. Aren’T you drinking a lot of diet: coke there buddy? Maybe Otto order a nice ice tea or something try a great phantom diet, dr pepper, and it tells you this by removing or down-regulating some of your dopamine receptors, literally closing them down for business with fewer dopamine receptors waiting to catch all your little dopamine molecules making That leap of faith across the synapse, the happiness signal, gets weaker, sure eventually you’ll get as much dopamine and take as before, but it takes a lot longer and you have to drink a lot more diet, coke to do it and the time after that, there are Even fewer receptors, so the cycle gets worse and worse over time. Until basically, you have to be drinking diet, coke around the clock, in order to keep up the level of signaling you used to get from a couple of sips man, I’m thirsty here on a second, my wallet ha unlike diet. Coke, though, which I can get whatever.

I like south african live casinos, I have the ability to regulate how much you consume, thus preventing you from getting the sensitized and they do this in multiple ways. First, they get you to fly through the introductory levels, right off the bat you’re receiving rewards achievements, unlockables in my first hour with dungeon gems. I powered my way through at least ten dungeons nabbed, no less than twelve new heroes and level up my main a whole bunch. I was unstoppable and it was amazing. I was swimming in dopamine.

This got me invested in the game early, but as it got harder and upper levels, those bursts became more sporadic and unexpected, but rather than feeling discouraging, it may be more excited because each victory felt earned and the reward was even more satisfying. This is known as a variable ratio schedule of reinforcement and is the same method. That’S used in the slot machine.

You never know for sure when you’re going to win, but when you do it’s incredible and the designers make sure that you win just often enough to keep you coming back for more. Secondly, and more importantly, dungeon gems, candy crush total conquest and more all have mechanics built into the game that limit the length of anyone play session. You play a few too many matches or lose a few too many lives in the game forces you to wait.

A few hours before jumping in again this means they’re cutting you off at times when you’re most invested, in other words, you’re always left wanting more by not letting you play the game actually becomes more rewarding when you’re allowed to return. This is all related to what’s known as the hedonic treadmill, basically that, as a person situation, changes their expectations for happiness change with it. Let me illustrate through an example, studies have shown that people who have won the lottery don’t tend to be any happier than before. They had all that money. Their desires tend to rise in tandem, resulting in no permanent gain and happiness.

The same results come from people who’ve been paralyzed. They report a similar level of happiness both before and after the accident that paralyze them. This is because they’ve gone back to their happiness equilibrium. Their situations have changed and are sustained at that changed level, and so their happiness has adjusted accordingly, but with mobile games and built-in breaks you never stay in that elevated happiness, state long enough to grow accustomed to it. You know the phrase absence makes the heart grow.

Fonder here in a long distance relationship, that’s the thing you hear all the time, but it’s true in this case dungeon James, is my long-distance girlfriend. We hang out for a few days have a great time, probably catch a movie, some dinner, but then she goes away for a while. I remember the good times we had caller up on the phone and eagerly look forward to the next time, she’s in town, so you’re taking games that are perfectly programmed to capitalize on some course, psychological triggers and adding to that unbelievably sticky formula by also making them Free to play putting them on a console that exists in your pocket, making them super quick and easy to get into and learn and gosh darn it giving them an incredibly fun and rewarding sound graphical design. There’S no reason people can’t resist these things and that’s not including elements of the gamblers fallacy and Rosie retrospection, but those subjects are for another day. In short, mobile games are the perfect storm of addictive gameplay, but there’s one final angle: to this whole dopamine story.

Sure these games are programmed in ways that keep the dopamine flowing at max volume by spacing out your rewards, but they’re, not the only ones to blame you are. Studies have shown that about ten to fifteen percent of the population have addictive personalities, meaning they’re more prone to get hooked on something video games or otherwise, within that ten to fifteen percent, though there’s a higher-than-average portion of gamers take, for instance, one study that had researchers Use giant magnets to study the brains of 14 year old gamers. Half of the test group played video games for more than nine hours per week. The other group played significantly less the long. Our gamers had more gray matter in the ventral striatum, a part of the brain essential for dopamine reward and addiction seeming to suggest a higher likelihood of getting addicted. But it’s also in our personalities tell me if any of the following phrases sound familiar.

I only need to kill 10 more cactuar before I max out my w summon materia. Thank goodness i finished getting all 2057 while achievements for the Warlord’s expansion. Sorry, Jenny, I can’t make out with you tonight, already got a date with goat simulator grinding completion, assisting and social isolation or put in a broader context, engaging in repetitive tasks going to ridiculous extremes and, while still social isolation, three tale tale signs that you may have An addictive personality and to gamers that’s par for the course. That’S what we do for fun. So yes, mobile games may be programmed to be even more addictive than world of warcrack or heroine of the storm, but gamers are also much more likely to get addicted to these things in the first place. But don’t worry it’s not all bad people prone to addiction.

Also tend to be highly driven, motivated, risk-takers with a higher IQ and strong leadership potential, so sit that sweet, sweet diet, coke dear theorists, because you may be an addict but hey there are a lot worse things out there to be addicted to then tile matching. But hey that’s just a theory, a game theory thanks for watching candy crush that subscribe button. It won’t even cost you a micro transaction. I swear no okay, welcome back to the super amazing and card tournaments, where we haven’t had one in a while. So, let’s make this one good by tackling one of the biggest battles and deke dump your choice, Star Wars or Star Trek is the force with you. Are you planning on living, long and prospering click on one to choose so that we can finally settle this internet old debate or maybe you’re just a movie and who doesn’t care anything about this intergalactic debate?

Bring that option up to Ronnie? You feel awesome, so sweet and so cold, like the plums, never in the icebox that you were probably saving for dinner. Thank You, William.

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