Moon and Your Game Luck

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Maybe you are a good old player, but that doesn’t guarantee you would be winning at any given day. In fact nothing can guarantee it, but there may be reasons behind about how lucky you can be on a certain day. Scientists like Professor Radin feel that the status of the moon, the earth’s magnetic field have some connections with ones luck.

The evidences are purely based on data. During the full moon the earth’s geomagnetic field is the weakest. The professor believes that this is the time one has the best chance of winning. He said that gamblers should avoid the casinos during the time phase of the quarter moon. Although being just generalizations they seem to have a scientific side to it.

The case is just the opposite with lotteries. The pick 3 styles of lotteries seem to pay more during the quarter moon. So it may be a good idea if you choose your game according to the moon. Increasing your winning chances in any way is all that should matter.

Players arriving with a positive attitude to the tables too have better chances of winning. When you think only of winning, you subconsciously choose the table where the players seem to be happy. It is because that is the table that seems to be paying out the most. When you come thinking that it’s just not your day, you tend not to fuss much when you lose. This is how the poker online psyche behaves.

Make sure you come up with a budget that is fair, but that won’t break the bank. If you are thinking about gambling this weekend and you want to get out and have fun, you should think about your different options and what would be the most fun for you. You might want to think about calling up your friends and asking them if they have a particular casino they want to go to. Gambling can be an awesome way to hang with your friends and to have some fun

So keep track of the days when you are winning or losing. You should plan out going to a casino accordingly and also taking care of the moon. Choose your game wisely. Your gut feeling should be telling you when your day is. On days when you don’t get that adrenalin rush stay away from losing money!

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